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Partner Programs

We offer several ways to partner with Crush Social Sports that are mutually beneficial to both organizations. We are a new, and growing, social organization intended to bring people and businesses together. We are starting in Ocean County, but will soon be expanding throughout New Jersey. In an effort to lower the costs for our players, as well as drive customers to your business, we offer several opportunities for local businesses, organizations, and charities reach their local community.

1. Register a Team

We will work with you to select the activities days, and locations that work best for you. If you have a specific day (e.g., slow business night), we will work with you to schedule your games on those days. You can limit your team to employees or use it as an opportunity to improve relationships with customers by allowing offering them to play alongside your employees.


  • Improve employee morale and reduce turnover by offering extracurricular activities outside of work.
      • Improve relationships with your best customers or turn casual customers into loyal brand advocates.
      • Have your organization's name in front of the community on a weekly basis.
      • Use as an opportunity to drive customers back to your business.
      • Network with the local community.

What Does It Cost?

It depends on the activity and number of players. For more information or a price quote, contact us.

2. Sponsor a Team

If the hours are inconvenient, you don't have enough employees and/or don't interact directly with your customers, you can still sponsor a team with your name and logo.


  • Drive traffic to business (for bars & restaurants).

What Does It Cost?

It depends on the activity and number of players. We also offer discounts to charitable organizations. For more information or a price quote, contact us.

3. Advertise with Crush

Crush offers several ways to advertise.


  • Website Ads - We offer everything banner ads to full site branding. See examples.
  • Sponsor Link - By partnering with us or sponsoring a team, your logo and a link to your business will be included on our Sponsors page.
  • Email Advertising - We send emails to our members to keep them informed of league updates, game notifications, event registrations, etc. In other words, these aren't throw away marketing emails that go unopened.
  • Co-Branded T-shirt - Even if you don't sponsor a team, you can put your logo on player uniforms. Available locations are below the Crush logo, sleeve, or back.
  • Co-Branded Flyers and Posters - Include your logo on our marketing material which is distributed throughout the community.


  • Crush members are generally active adults in the key demographic of 25-45.
  • All players and the majority of our site visitors live in New Jersey and are local to your business.

What Does It Cost?

It depends on location, time frame, season, targeting, method (e.g., clicks, conversations, etc.), etc. We will work with you to plan the most effective strategy for your business. For more information or a price quote, contact us.

4. Use Your Venue for Events

Crush uses bars, restaurants, and various sports and entertainment complexes for events.


  • Happy Hours - We partner with local bars to offer our members a place to relax after all of our events. We encourage our members to interact with their team and the rest of the Crush community outside of the events themselves, by partnering with bars near the events to offer food and drink discounts.
  • Season Kick-Off and Wrap-Up Parties - Before every season we have an event where members can meet each other, learn about the activities, pick up their t-shirts, etc.
  • Pub Games - We will be offering many activities besides outdoor sports. Some activities we have planned are: poker, trivia, and board games (see all). We will work with bars to schedule around their slow times to increase business when their business doesn't normally have a lot of customers.


  • Increase business on your slow nights.
  • Happy hours usually occur after your standard happy hours and before your bars get busy.
  • We do the marketing and advertising for you. We will drive business to you.
  • By partnering with us, your logo and a link to your business will be included on our Sponsors page.

What Does It Cost?

Usually nothing. In return for using your venue, we usually work out discounts and/or free appetizers for our members. We may also ask that you allow us to hang posters and/or leave flyers to advertise the activities. For more information, contact us.

5. Player Discounts (Coming Soon)

Even if your business is unrelated to sports and games, we can still drive local residents in the key demographic of 25-45 year olds to you. All players will get a Crush membership card and league program. You can offer a discount to members or one-time coupon. Your ad and/or coupon will be included in their program as well as a Player Discounts page. For more information or a price quote, contact us.

6. Sell Your Products on the Crush Website (Coming Soon)

We will be adding a Crush Store to the site shortly. Besides Crush merchandise and items our members may find useful (i.e., scorebooks, sporting goods, etc.), we are discussing possibly opening this up to local businesses to sell their products and services. There will probably be a discount for current sponsors and Crush members. The details still need to be determined (e.g., transaction fees, what items can be listed, etc.) If you would be interested in participating in this or would like to be included in the conversations, please contact us.

7. Charitable Organizations

We want to use Crush to give back.


  • Donation Events - If your organization collects non-monetary donations (e.g., animal charities), we can schedule a day when you can attend an event and collect donations.
  • Sell Products on Crush Website (Coming Soon) - Charities that have a team in a Crush event can use our ecommerce platform to sell products to raise money for your organization.
  • Team Winnings - Winning teams in all Crush activities select a charity to donate to. (The amount of the winnings depends on length of season, number of teams, etc.)
  • Registration Donations (Coming Soon) - We can work with your charity to offer the option of making a small donation to your charity on the last step of the online registration process.

What Does It Cost?

In most cases, nothing. There may be minor fees for expenses or transaction costs, but we will never profit from any money donated to your charity. For more information, contact us.

If you have any other ideas about how we can work together in a way that benefits both organizations, we'd love to discuss them.


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